Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you depend on your business for your livelihood, chances are that you are not able to close down your business for any length of time. However, there are some things that are out of your control and will cause you to shut down your business. Perhaps you have just experienced water damages due to a bad storm or a busted pipe. This could certainly be a disaster that might cause you to have to shut down your business. If you want to avoid shutting down your business contact Carpet Cleaning of Marin and let us come in and take care of your carpeting cleaning needs for you. It won’t take our professional carpet cleaners long to take care of cleaning and drying your carpeting. Our cleaners will evaluate the situation and come up with a quick and efficient solution. Since your carpets are made of various types of fibers, we’ll need to determine what yours are made of and determine which methods and solutions will be best suited for your carpet cleaning needs.

Effectively Cleaning Your Carpets

Anytime a business relies on us to clean their carpeting, we start our process with an industrial strength vacuum to get up all the dirt, dust, and mold that might be embedded into the carpeting. This also helps us to get up most of the excess water that is still left behind. Next, we will pull out the pumps that enable us to completely get up all of the water left in your carpet. This can also be accomplished with a commercial vacuum. When cleaning your carpeting, we use non-toxic, safe solutions that will not agitate allergies or anyone’s ability to breath clean air. The method and products that our cleaners use enable them to help you avoid buildup from occurring as frequently as it might usually occur. The final step in cleaning your commercial carpeting is to use dehumidifiers that will enable them to completely dry the area they have cleaned. If there is ever any odor left behind, we have something for this too.

Using a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

When you use our professional carpet cleaning services at Carpet Cleaning of Marin, you’re sure to receive the results that you are expecting. Our carpet cleaners have received professional training and they have the experience needed to effectively clean your carpeting regardless of the type of carpeting you have. We understand that you can’t afford to have us hanging around for too long because you have to get back to business as usual. This is why contacting the services of a professional carpet cleaning service is a good idea. We understand these types of things and are capable of getting in and out as quickly as possible. With our carpet cleaning services we use a systematic method of cleaning your carpets to ensure that every step has been adhered to. This means that you can expect to receive a thorough carpet-cleaning job from our professional carpet cleaners.


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